What is The Difference Between a Physiotherapist And a Physical Therapist?

physiotherapy definition

There are a lot of terms that get thrown around the world of medicine and healthcare that might send you into a mental tailspin due to the reason that you wouldn’t know how to tell which one applies best to your needs. For example, chances are that when you went out looking for a physical therapist you like also saw ads for physiotherapists, and your main concern here would be figuring out if there is any difference between them to speak of.

Suffice it to say that a physio from promelius.com.au is also a physical therapist, since both labels are describing the exact same kind of medical practice at the end of the day. To put it plainly, a physiotherapist or physical therapist, whatever you want to call them, are medical experts who know some exercises that can aid the body’s path to recovery. A dislocated shoulder can be popped back into place, but it will need a really long time to heal and physiotherapy can help matters along tremendously by allowing the healing to occur at a much faster rate.

Don’t let the existence of two similar sounding terms disorient you. Physiotherapy is really important for people that have joint problems or those that tore a muscle or ligament. Such injuries are surprisingly common these days because people are more likely to go out and try physically strenuous exercises, so it’s great that there is an industry out there that is so vast that it has a completely unique lexicon associated with it. No matter what your professional refers to himself or herself as, they can make your recovery easier to get through.