Web Designs in The Modern World

Since the inception of the Internet back in the 90s, the number of websites on the World Wide Web has only increased exponentially. From simply designed informational websites to highly sophisticated applications, the entire landscape of websites and web development shifted with time.

At the beginning of the journey, websites would be nothing more than the content. Simply displayed on the website with zero to no animations or styling. This, however, was changed as the field ‘web design’ came into being and the user’s perspective was given prime importance.

The field, Web Design, is a mere name but the sub-fields it holds within are in numerous. From the production of the website to maintenance, it all somehow falls under the domain of this field. Often, it only relates to the front-end, the user’s view, of the website and the design aspect of that interface only. And, at times, it relates to the design of the entire website.

In this day and age, it takes an average human less than a second to decide if the person wishes to stay on the website or change the course of action. What impacts this decision? What urges the users to stay? What causes them to come back? These questions are what encompass a few core aspects of the field, User Experience. More often than not, it is considered to be the job of a designer to maximize the effect of the website so the user is retained.

From immersive motion graphics to marketable content, aesthetic scrolling to clear-cut designs, responsive actions to usability, the designer takes it all into consideration and molds the initial concept into a website, holding maximum potential.

In terms of web development, there are two main roles; web developer and the web designer. Often, the designer is restricted to focus on the visual aspect of the website whereas the developer codes the website from the design specification provided. But, with time, the role of a designer could see a change as more tasks like content and graphics are requested by the designer.

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