Tips For Purchasing Pallets

As with everything else, safety should be paramount when choosing purchase of pallets for your shipping and handling business. You need to make sure the pallets are well constructed from a reputable seller and they have safety standards endorsement.

You may choose to buy either new or used pallets depending on your requirement and budgeting options. Both have advantages and disadvantages. You must work out a solution that suits best for your needs as a pallet transport company. There are further items that you need to purchase along with pallets. These include wrapping materials and belts and collars. The later is to help you make sure the cargo is transported safely to its destination without risking an accident. Speaking of safety, the pallet size is also very important and should be considered carefully. You cannot load cargo onto a pallet that exceeds its size and weight limits.

Strong structured pallets can carry loads up to 1000kg. However, proper safety, size and weight checks should be in place to make sure your pallets reach the intended destination without any problem or a loss. If you are considering buying used pallets, you need to carefully examine the quality of the timber before placing a large order. Most of the used shipping pallets are worn out and used roughly during the transport process. A large quantity of them often get affected by harsh weather conditions at sea which can cause the wood to develop mold and insects.

Depending on the types of wood used in these pallets, you could be looking at low grade wood and processed timber which could have an infestation of all sorts of critters and termite. So what you should do If you feel used pallets are the only way forward? Simplest idea is to look for pallets that are heat treated. These are generally considered the safest due to being chemically treated.