Things You Must Know About The Mystic Messenger Game

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Mystic messenger is one of the best fake dating games you’ll ever play. The game combines cute looking characters with its strong storyline to make the whole playing experience great for you.

Here are some core concepts about the Mystic Messenger game, and learning these concepts will make playing the understanding the game a lot easier for you.

The main thing in this games is receiving messages from imaginary characters and replying to them. In addition to the text messages, you’ll also receive phone calls from them. Your behavior in the game determines your route in the game, and the character that you’ll experience.

However, one big thing about the Mystic Messenger is that you receive the text messages and calls as the day goes on. You can either accept or reject them through the day. However, keep mind that you don’t have to respond to every single call and message, as a minimum of 50% participation is required from you to get an ending.

Learning The Basics

The whole Mystic Messenger game has a timeliness of 12 days. During these 12 days, you send and receive lots of message from different characters in the game. The first four days are always the same, and the after those 4 days, the game splits into various different routes based on your love interests on the 5th day. An the end of 12 days, you can receive a bad end, a normal end, or a good end to the story.

The game is generally fun to play. You can simply answer the mystic messenger emails, messages and calls you receive in the first four days, and then split up and go towards the ending. However, remember to grab the interest of your favorite character by the day 5, as failing to do so will result in a bad ending.