Things You Must Know About Royalty Free Music

Royalty free music gives every developer a chance to add more entertainment in their video games and make them more synchronized and playable. But there are a lot of misconceptions around the concept of royalty free music that need to cleared before you go on to buy a piece for yourself. Many people use it in their video games (read this article to know more).

Basically, royalty free music has a license that requires you to pay the creator only once, and then you can use the music wherever you want and for as long as you want to. Here are some additional things that you must know about royalty free music.

It is Not Completely Free

Royalty free music means a track that is “Free Of Royalty”, the music however, is not completely free of cost. It is true that some people offer their music for free initially, but a free piece of music is not necessarily royalty free.

It is Not Stock Music

There is a big difference between royalty free music and stock music. Stock music is usually referred to as the “Common Music” which is made without any specific purpose. While “Custom Music” is made for a specific product. And both of these can be royalty free.

It Has a Copyright

Like every other music whether paid or free, royalty free music too is protected by copyright. A creator of this music owns the copyright, however, it is up to him to either ask for royalties or offer his music for free.

In royalty free music, the copyright owner allows you to copy his music for as many times as you want, but usually after an initial payment.

It is Not a Specific Genre

Many people think that royalty free music is a specific genre of music, it is completely wrong. Royalty free music can be of any genre or type.