The Importance of Dog Toys For Blind Furry Friends


No two dogs are the same, but every dog loves to play. From fetching a stick to jumping around in the yard; there is not dog that doesn’t love to do such mischief, even the one which cannot see. Blind dogs are no less than dogs with sight when it comes to their playful nature. They love to fetch, to tug, to wrestle and to simply run around in circles in pure joy despite their inability to see.

When it comes to playing with toys, what many dog owners don’t know is the beneficial effect these little things impart on blind dogs and some of them are discussed below;

Boosts Confidence

Blind dogs tend to be more tentative than the sighted one and therefore they proceed with more caution and do things not as freely as others. Dog toys help them play freely and build confidence to be as carefree as their other sighted siblings.

Boosts The Relationship

Playing together has a significant effect on the dog-human relationship. Collaborative games such as tug and other sports that require training helps in teaching dogs in various obedience commands and cues.

Teaches Bite Control

A dog’s bite can lead to fatal consequences and there are many games that require the close of interaction of human hand with the mouth of the animal. A suitable dog toy helps the dog in understanding how to keep the mouth away from the hand and prevents from biting too hard. Reviews about these types of dog toys can be read at to see which one would suit your dog the most.

Helps in Training

Using toys to schedule playing at a particular time of the day helps the dog in understanding how certain parts of day are assigned for a particular task. This in turn also induces a sense of achievement and reward that is followed by it and helps in effective training session.