Should You Hire a Big Accounting Firm?

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One of the first things that you should do as the owner of a business is to think about what accountants you can hire. During the initial stages of your business you can’t afford to hire an entire accounting department which means that you would need to avail the services of a third party. At this point you would have two different choices. You could either hire a solo accountant who has their own practice or you could opt for hiring a big firm. Both of these things have reasonable advantages to them, and you can get a lot from either option.

However, we are of the opinion that hiring solo accountants might be better for the manner in which you have currently chosen to live your life. The reason behind this is that a solo accountant would not be bogged down by any kind of bureaucracy. Just understanding business accounting is not enough to give you good services after all. Your accountant should also be able to make good calls with regards to what kinds of decisions you need to make in the future.

Big firms are great in their own way and they would certainly wine and dine you to attempt to get you to hire them rather than anyone else, but a solo accountant would not need to do any such thing. They would treat you like a special client as well since they probably don’t have a whole slew of other clients that they need to attend to. You will be working with the same person throughout your business journey, something that can streamline various processes and give you a much better end result that would lead to financial progress.