How to Mix Carpet Cleaning Solution

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Carpet cleaning solutions that you can buy from supermarkets or other kinds of stores can be useful in their own unique way, but there is a pretty good chance that they don’t offer anything that your regular home based items in your pantry can provide. You can make an incredibly effective carpet cleaning solution without having to step outside of the four walls of your residence, and that can put your mind at ease if you are the sort of person that suffers from social anxiety.

In order to make a solution for area rug cleaning, you need three basic elements. These three substances are vinegar, water and detergent. Using dishwashing detergent can be somewhat better than laundry detergent. This is because of the fact that laundry detergent usually comes in the form of a powder which is less likely to get absorbed into the stain thereby breaking it down. However, the truth of the situation is that there is one other substance that is decidedly laundry related which you can use as well, namely fabric softener.

The fact of the matter is that fabric softener can make your rug fibers seem like tendrils of a cloud that is floating above your head. You should try to warm the water up before mixing everything into it because the higher temperature will make these chemicals more likely to dissolve in a shorter timeframe. A ratio of a couple of liters of heated up water, a cup of white vinegar if you have it, half the amount of fabric softener and a couple teaspoons of detergent will create the perfect combination to sort your carpet cleaning needs out for the most part.

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