How Much Dirt Does Carpet Cleaning Remove?

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Businesses that are trying to earn a profit will be willing to do all sorts of things to make it so that they get a higher rate of return on their investment, but this can occasionally lead to them being rather deceptive in their marketing. If you notice an ad for a carpet cleaning service that claims 100% dirt removal, suffice it to say that the company behind this advert is likely running some sort of scam because of the fact that it is borderline impossible to remove every crumb of dirt no matter how hard you try.

At the end of the day, there will always be a patch that you miss or that gets neglected during rug cleaning, and even if you manage to put in enough effort to cover every square inch there will still be a small quantity of dirt within the fibers although you should know that it will be negligible. A much more accurate estimation for potential carpet cleaning dirt removal is somewhere around 90%, and that is actually quite substantial due to the reason that even brand new carpets will have some dust that is rather impractical to try to suck out.

If your chosen service provider gives you a dirt removal percentage that rests in the nineties, this is a strong indicator that they are running a trustworthy and honest operation. You should always go for companies that give you realistic promises for the results they can send your way. Anyone that tries to suggest otherwise is just trying to pull the wool over your eyes, so it’s really crucial to be thoroughly skeptical about any such claims all in all.