Features of Inflatable Hot Tub

Only a few remedies exist to relieve your mind off the mental pressure this world throws at you. And, no one loves to pay daily visits to the spa; outrageous prices and shared spaces. Say hello to Inflatable Hot Tubs; your portable hot tub with the same punch as a spa or a solid hot tub.

Capacity – Inflatable tubs have a variety of sizes. So, even if you have an apartment, we are sure there must be one for you. There are 2, 4, and 6 room capacity hot tubs available easily. However, if you want for a bigger party, there are options available for it. You just need to search the best fit for yourself.

Digital Control Panel – As these tubs are new in the market, they have a hint of technology as well. They contain a simple digital control panel to adjust your temperatures and switching the jets on and off. Some models also have a timer controlled by the panel.

However, make sure the tub you are getting has a control panel that is within reach. You surely don’t want to disturb your relaxing experience just because you need to lower the temperature a bit.

Shape – We know traditional tubs are round and they look good in that shape. However, there are square hot tubs available, too, and they have gained popularity for a reason. That reason being, the square and rowboat style tubs have more legroom than round one. Obviously, this also depends on the number of people using the tub at a time, however still keep your preference for a square-shaped tub.

Pump – This component is the heart of your hot tub. It circulates the water and the air blower inside it power your jets. These pumps come with a power cord (safe to use within water premises), making it easier for you to relax indoor as well as outdoor.

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