Explanation of Quantum Cryptography

quantum cryptography

Even the name of quantum cryptography cries of complexity. That is because the concept is actually a bit complex to understand. This is the main reason why, in this article, we will help you decrypt the quantum cryptography secrets.

Although the quantum cryptography algorithms have already been around for decades now, they are only becoming a common practice these days because of all the benefits they can provide us with. Quantum cryptography can safeguard over data in such a way that it becomes impossible to hack.

For example, whenever you use your credit card to buy anything online, you are placing an incredible amount of trust in your bank to keep your information safe. However, in a few years time, those companies won’t be able to guarantee the protection of our data online, especially if they keep using the current encryption methods.

With the help of quantum computers, hackers can easily decrypt private keys and get access to our data. Hackers these days are collecting encrypted data to decrypt it once they have access to quantum computers. However, if you encrypt your data with quantum encryption, it will become impossible to hack even for a quantum computer.

Quantum Cryptography

With the help of cryptography or encryption, our data is made secure from hacking attempts. This method randomizes numbers and letters, and generates a public and private key. While the public key can be used to transfer data from one person to the other, only the private key can be used to decrypt it. On the other hand, quantum cryptography can be used to encrypt data with the help of quantum principles. This method uses photons of light to transmit data and save the private key in a way that cannot be hacked by anyone.