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Avoid These Mistakes When Using Floor Jack

If you are a driver or a mechanic, you might already have used a floor jack. No matter how often your car breaks down, you must learn to use a floor jack properly as it is one of the most important tools in any garage. However, since a hydraulic jack lifts up your car off the ground, you should operate it carefully to keep yourself and your vehicle completely safe.

Let’s go through a few big mistakes first time floor jack users me, and how you can avoid

them easily. For example, repairing floor jack that won’t hold pressure is easy if you read these tips carefully.


One of the most important things you should know about your floor jack is its maximum capacity. Usually, you should look for a floor jack which can easily lift up around half of your vehicle total weight easily. You should also avoid lifting up a vehicle which exceeds the total lifting capacity of your floor jack by a huge margin.

Most of the floor jacks these days come with safety features incorporated into them which avoid the jack from operating if you try to overload it.

Making an Extension By Yourself

While it is a great luxury to be creative, you should not use your creativity when it comes to using a floor jack. You should never improvise any extension since your Jack will be lifting the weight of your vehicle, and even the slightest mistake can cause lots of troubles.

So, if you want to keep yourself and your vehicle perfectly safe, never try to make an extension for your floor jack by yourself.

Ignoring Inclines

Another thing you should always keep in mind when using a floor jack is that they should not be used on inclined surfaces. Using your floor jack on an inclined service can cause it to slip, and this can prove to be fatal.

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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Getting a DVLA Number Plate

There is nothing that is quite as exciting as buying a new car, and a big part of the reason what that is the case has to do with the fact that you will now have a vehicle that you had never had in your possession before and this would allow you to show off to people and make them realize just how successful you have managed to become. There are a couple of responsibilities that you would need to take care of when you are getting this kind of number plate though, and one such responsibility would be getting a DVLA number plate.

People often delay getting the number plate made at any given point in time. They feel like it’s not all that necessary, and that delaying it would not cause any kinds of problems at all. This is not true at all, though. Delaying getting your DVLA private plate made in any way, shape or form will result in you having to pay some pretty hefty fines, and unless you are a very rich person paying these fines will result in a lot of financial problems for you that you would really struggle to recover from anytime soon.

The thing about these fines is that they will reflect on you in the future as well. You could have your license revoked, and suffering such a blow so soon after you have finally managed to buy an amazing car will cause you to get very depressed indeed. Just take the time out to get a number plate made and you shouldn’t face any such problems, thereby making your driving experience a great deal smoother and more convenient.


The Benefits of Maintenance For Your Diesel Truck

Having a diesel truck is the kind of thing that would make you feel extremely good about yourself because of the fact that you would have a highly powerful machine that can get you where you need to go. Some people complain that these kinds of trucks often suffer from serious performance issues, but the only reason for this is that they have not put enough time and effort into maintaining the engine that the truck uses to move fast enough to allow you to travel at an adequate speed.

People that own diesel trucks often don’t like to spend money on maintenance because they think that there is no reason for this. Such people often claim that their trucks don’t need maintenance, and that the truck they own is still running even though they have never paid for maintenance at any point in their lives all in all. It’s true that a good quality diesel truck won’t break down if you don’t maintain it, but it will start using a lot more fuel which is an expense that you would have to bear.

Eventually you would need to get maintenance done since the performance would decrease, and at this point it would be far more expensive for you than if you had just gone for regular maintenance from the get go. Regular small payments are much easier for you to deal with than high payments that would make you revamp your engine entirely. Be smart about these things and bite the bullet when it comes to maintenance payments otherwise you might not be able to use your truck for very long. Just having a truck isn’t enough, it needs to run properly for you to enjoy using it.


All You Need to Know About Tuning Car Amplifiers

After installing your car amplifiers you would expect them to make magic out of music, and they do, but first you need to get some tuning done. Tuning is not that difficult if you just know the right things to do or simply read the right guide for it. But before that you need to have a firm understanding of the terminologies involved in the tuning of car amplifiers.

This article will tell you all you need to know about tuning your car amplifiers, and if you still need more help then you can always navigate to these guys to get a better understanding of things. Below are some of the terms that are involved with the tuning of car amplifiers.


Gain is basically the term that represents the sensitivity of amplifier, or rather it is the setting that adjusts the sensitivity of the amplifier. This setting needs adjustments in order to reduce the distortion in the sound.


The frequency of your speakers is usually labeled on it so it is not that difficult to figure out, basically frequency is the pitch of the sound that is emitted by the speakers. Frequency is important so you need to know the frequency of your speaker, because if you do not know then you cannot properly tune your car amplifier.

Low Pass And High Pass Filters

There are different kinds of filters that are used in amplifiers, when you use a particular filter it allows the frequencies within a particular range to be emitted out depending on the type of filter that you will be using. The filters may be high pass or low pass and each has its own unique functions.

Living Car Free

A lot of us have come to believe that it is impossible to move around without a car, and a car is now seen as an absolute necessity. However, we are going to try to change that mindset of yours, because it is actually possible, and even easy to move around without a car of your own. By choosing not to have a car of your own, you end up saving a lot of money that would have otherwise gone into buying the car, constantly having to put fuel in the car, and then maintenance and services costs as well. Plus, one less car means a little less carbon emissions in the air, which means that you are being kinder to the planet as well.

Now, if you are living in Dubai, then car fee living is actually a very possible reality. Dubai has a great public transport system. So, there are an abundance of buses, taxis, trains and even the metro available for your disposal. Plus, given how it is a very efficient and well-maintained system, you know that it will not fail you even if you are trying to move around in a time crunch.

In case you do not want to opt for public transport some days, you can hire a private car, and there are a number of them available like driver in Dubai and so on. So, all you have to do is book the ride to your location, and then a car and driver will be sent to you within a matter of minutes. Plus, online shopping and delivery has also made it possible for us to get everything we need without having to necessarily leave the house either. In a nutshell, you can choose to live a car free life very easily in Dubai.

The Don’ts of Drifting

Drifting sounds like such a thrilling experience that a lot of us cannot help but want to experience it ourselves. In fact, it can actually be really addictive, so even if you are the one in the passenger seat while the drifting is happening, you might later feel the urge to try it out yourself, and that is only natural. In order to make sure that you are drifting properly, and not putting yourself, your car, or other people at risk, we have compiled a list of do not that you need to be mindful of when you are drifting.

  • It is recommended that you first try drifting under the supervision of an expert in order to learn and practice the technique and to make sure that everything is being done in a controlled environment. It might help to look for formal training instructors, and if you happen to be looking for any, you can check out the services being offered at
  • Do not try drifting with a tall or long car. These cars, because of their size, are more difficult to control and stir properly, so when you do hit the break and try to steer the car, there is a higher risk of the vehicle tipping over.
  • Never move the steering wheel towards your own direction because that also increases the risk of the car tipping and you getting seriously hurt.
  • Do not practice drifting in an area that has poles, buildings, barriers or anything that you can crash into. Drifting should always be done on a plane surface, so do not try to drift on an inclined or uneven surface.
  • As tempting as it might be to have a friend sit with you during the experience, it is imperative that you do not let anyone else in the car with you.