Can You Use a Carpet Cleaner as a Vacuum?

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Anyone that has cleaned a carpet at some point or another in their personal history would know that this type of endeavor usually involves a two step process. The first step would be to vacuum your carpet after which you can shampoo or steam it at this current point in time. That said, there are quite a few carpet cleaning machines that have been released in the market and this has led to a lot of people thinking that vacuuming is no longer something that they need to waste their time on.

We would like to inform you that this logic is flawed to say the least without a shadow of a doubt. If you hire The Woodlands TX carpet cleaning, they would definitely still vacuum first even though they have carpet cleaning machines that offer a really massive amount of suction. That’s because they know that the suction carpet cleaners offer is just for the loosened up dirt that is left over after the steaming has been fully accomplished.

These carpet cleaners will break down if you use them to suck up the loose debris that is one your carpet before it gets steamed. As a result of the fact that this is the case, you should take care not to use your carpet cleaner like this lest you want it to break down to the point where it is no longer usable for you. They don’t have enough suction to operate like vacuum cleaners either and hard bits of debris can damage their internal wiring. You don’t want to have to buy a brand new carpet cleaner so avoid doing so if you can.