Best Disney Podcasts to Listen in 2019


Podcasts are one of the easiest methods of obtaining important information and learning about your favorite topics on the go. There is a ton of different topics that you can choose from these days. They include murder mysteries, sports, latest news, fantasies and of course names like Disney are also in the podcast domain.

Listening podcasts from Disney is a no brainier for a fan, but still you should know a bit about every podcast to help yourself in finding the right one to listen regularly.

Disney world podcasts are one of the best in the market right now. And one main benefit is that you can listen to you favorite podcast while completing other important tasks as well.

Here are some of the best Disney podcasts that you can start listening from today.

Capture The Magic Podcast

Capture The Magic podcast is definitely one of the best podcasts by Disney, and you must listen to this amazing podcast if you want to know what a real podcast sounds like.

Disney Capture the magic is aired on every Monday and Thursday. The show contains. Random stuff like travel tips, latest news and restaurant reviews. Monday show is more like a collage of different topics, while the Thursday show specifically targets all the latest news and rumors about the Disney world.

Main Street Magic

Main street magic by Disney world is a show where you can find important tips and tricks about visiting the Disney world by the experts and the people who visit the place frequently. It is a realistic shadow and you should definitely check it. Subscribe to the show if you like it.

Dis Unplugged

This is a roundtable discussion podcast in which the experts discuss different matters and give their opinions. The company producing this podcast has been working with Disney for over 20 years.