Avoid These Mistakes When Using Floor Jack

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If you are a driver or a mechanic, you might already have used a floor jack. No matter how often your car breaks down, you must learn to use a floor jack properly as it is one of the most important tools in any garage. However, since a hydraulic jack lifts up your car off the ground, you should operate it carefully to keep yourself and your vehicle completely safe.

Let’s go through a few big mistakes first time floor jack users me, and how you can avoid

them easily. For example, repairing floor jack that won’t hold pressure is easy if you read these tips carefully.


One of the most important things you should know about your floor jack is its maximum capacity. Usually, you should look for a floor jack which can easily lift up around half of your vehicle total weight easily. You should also avoid lifting up a vehicle which exceeds the total lifting capacity of your floor jack by a huge margin.

Most of the floor jacks these days come with safety features incorporated into them which avoid the jack from operating if you try to overload it.

Making an Extension By Yourself

While it is a great luxury to be creative, you should not use your creativity when it comes to using a floor jack. You should never improvise any extension since your Jack will be lifting the weight of your vehicle, and even the slightest mistake can cause lots of troubles.

So, if you want to keep yourself and your vehicle perfectly safe, never try to make an extension for your floor jack by yourself.

Ignoring Inclines

Another thing you should always keep in mind when using a floor jack is that they should not be used on inclined surfaces. Using your floor jack on an inclined service can cause it to slip, and this can prove to be fatal.