An Easy Way of Making a USB Bootable


Having a bootable USB with you is very beneficial whenever you’re looking to test, troubleshoot a computer or install a fresh copy of windows on it. The process of making a bootable USB is very easy as you can do it with the help of various tools available out there. You can make a bootable USB of any operating system of your liking.

You can make a bootable USB both by using windows and Mac. Here are some ways of making a USB bootable.

Using an Image on Windows

For this purpose, you can either download or create a windows image file. You should have in image file ending in either .ISO or .IMG in order to start converting in to a bootable USB.

You can create an ISO file from the existing windows on your PC, create them from an existing windows installation CD, or by simply downloading the file from a website. You can download the ISO file of any operating system and convert it into a bootable USB drive.

After downloading the file, you should now download Rufus from It is a light weight and free to use tool which is recommended by professionals and developers. Make sure you’re downloading the latest available version of Rufus. After downloading, double click the exe file to install Rufus.

Now insert your USB flash drive in the USB port of your computer. The drive should have enough empty space to accommodate the size of your ISO image file. Also, back up everything you have on the USB drive, as this process will erase everything from the USB.

Now you can run Rufus, choose the location of ISO file, select it and choose to make a bootable USB drive. There you have it, a bootable windows 10 USB ready to use.