All You Need to Know About Tuning Car Amplifiers


After installing your car amplifiers you would expect them to make magic out of music, and they do, but first you need to get some tuning done. Tuning is not that difficult if you just know the right things to do or simply read the right guide for it. But before that you need to have a firm understanding of the terminologies involved in the tuning of car amplifiers.

This article will tell you all you need to know about tuning your car amplifiers, and if you still need more help then you can always navigate to these guys to get a better understanding of things. Below are some of the terms that are involved with the tuning of car amplifiers.


Gain is basically the term that represents the sensitivity of amplifier, or rather it is the setting that adjusts the sensitivity of the amplifier. This setting needs adjustments in order to reduce the distortion in the sound.


The frequency of your speakers is usually labeled on it so it is not that difficult to figure out, basically frequency is the pitch of the sound that is emitted by the speakers. Frequency is important so you need to know the frequency of your speaker, because if you do not know then you cannot properly tune your car amplifier.

Low Pass And High Pass Filters

There are different kinds of filters that are used in amplifiers, when you use a particular filter it allows the frequencies within a particular range to be emitted out depending on the type of filter that you will be using. The filters may be high pass or low pass and each has its own unique functions.